Latex Lust

My god, am I the only one lusting after latex right now!? Ok I know I am not. With models like Anita De Bauch and Nina Kate, it almost impossible to not lust after it when those ladies are sporting it.

Here are my favourite selections so far…BTW did you know Nina Kate owns Jane Doe Latex!? Damn that girl is talented. I’d hate her if I didnt love her work so much and if she wasnt so nice. I actually met her once at Zandra Rhodes Fashion & Textiles Museum. She was delightful!

Jane Doe Latex - Military Playsuit, £145

Jane Doe Latex, High Neck Bow Leotard. £130

House of Harlot, Ester party dress. £279

Lickorish Latex, Halter dress. £159

Anatomic Bomb, Woot Woo Girl. £350


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